Friday, 25 November 2011

My First Follower!!

I would like to welcome my first follower to my blog

PAINT THAT NAIL!                              

She is my first follower and it means ALOT as I'm kinda new to all this blogging stuff!
She has AMAZING designs and creations on her blog so please go follow her!

Take Care


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pale Pink and Blue Marbling...

Helloooo, me again!
Just going to show you an experiment i tried tonight with WATER MARBLING!I tried this on some stick on nails instead of my own because mine already lovely and painted haha :)
But not doing it on your own nails is harder than you would think!
I used Barry M nail varnish's for this set, my pink was abit gloopy and didnt work that well, BUMMER!!

But here you go my loves!

AllyRose xox

I'd just like to introduce.....

Ceelo ....
This is my gorgeous little kitten who will also be working with me doing my nails!
He likes to get in the way by knocking polish over and stealing my cotton buds.
He is my little helper so you may be seeing a lot of him! xox

My First Nail Design! - Opening My Blog

Hey everyone!

Ive just picked up my polish brush and painted my first blog spot!
Here i will be showing you all my designs and experiments that i've been doing. Hope you enjoy and please leave comments and feedback.

The Only Way Is Nails xox

Take a look at my first attempt at WATER MARBLING!