Monday, 12 December 2011


Hey girls!

I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment! I did my wreath design yesterday and took the picture on my Blackberry. Then my Blackberry decided to take a swim down the toilet so im gonna be a bit late uploading pictures until my new phone comes ( hopefully Tomorrow!!)

So please bare with me! :)

Damn, why cant phones be toilet proof! :(

In all fairness, it wasn't my fault, it was Ceelos haha! I was brushing my teeth and texting (multitasking ;)) and then he decided to try and play and climb my leg which lead me to jumping and screaming and the *PLOP* into the toilet! Sad Sad times ladies :(

RIP my little Blackberry! But your gonna be replaced with a sexy Iphone!
You will be missed <3

Ill update soon!


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Day 10 - Poinsettia Flower

Day ten and its flower power Poinsettia day!!

Okay i must admit i didnt know what one was :/ so i did have to google it before i attempted my design!
But here it is! Loving looking at all the other girls designs <3

Hope you've all had a good day!

Lotsa Love xox

Oh and i also tried Zebra bling tonight on my nails... take a look! Have you girls got any tips to share on how to perfect Zebra print designs? id love to hear them all!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 9 - Red and Green

Hey girls!!!

Well today's task was Red and Green! and i thought id have a go at needle marbling. I did it twice because i wasn't happy with it aaaanddddd....I got a feeling that it failed! All the tutorials i watched looked and turned out SOOOOO much better :(

Does anyone have any tips on how i can do it better?

But for now this is my red and green design for Day 9!

Hope your all having a good day. Im at work! Booooo so bored! Thats why i decided to do my design early! Oh my job is so hard! #EasyLife <3

Love from Me!


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 8 - Candy Canes!!

Evening ladies! Its Candy Time!! :D

*I want CANDY!*
Plus!, im actually posting this design on time so a pat on the back for meee! haha
Well here is my design created from both polish and acrylic paint! and oooooooo these candy canes were sooo yummy scrummy to eat afterwoods! mmmmmmm

Check out some other blogs that are doing the 24 day nail challenge! Theyre B-E-A-UTIFUL <3

paint that nail
base coat top coat
obsessed with glitter
red hair and black nail polish
rubys nails
polish, oh my
my polish stash
nails and stuff


Day 7 - Gingerbread Man!

Hey everyone! i got lazy again and didnt post last night. It was gingerbread man day! Woooooo

I had to do a little sample on a falsey nail because mine are done in a leopard mani! Which im quite proud off! :)
Leopard print! Woooo

I finished my gingerbread man and was waiting for it to dry and Mr evil Ceelo* came and tried to play with the cotton bud! GRRRR so he spoilt it and i had to go over it! :( was gutted!


Have a good day guys! and i promise ill post my candy cane design later! NO EXCUSES  ALLY-ROSE! haha.

another day another design...<3


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 6 - Penguins!

Its Penguin day! :D :D :D

But i have to admit - i did a naughty! I did my penguin nails last night before i went to bed and was too tired to upload them on here! I hope you can all forgive me!
It just means you get 2 posts from me today instead of 1 woooo!

Anyways i hope you all have a great day!

Lotsa love to you all on this cold morning! Brrrrrrr


Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 5 - Snowman faces!

Gooooood Morning/Afternoon or Evening (Depending on when your reading this!) Everyone!
Hope your okay!
Well today is day 5 and that means its snoman faces day! CUTE!
OH WOW its been soooo cold today! brrrrr! Im now sat in my all in one pajama suit keeping warm. My boyfriend says i look sweet haha!
We have brought these all in one suits - or onesies as we call them in the UK -  to wear with his family on Christmas Day! Ill get a picture for you all after christmas! We look so funny!

Anyways...back to the reason we are all here.......NAILS!! haha

Heres a peek at my attempt at Snowman faces!

Happy reading everyone!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Day 4 - Snowman!

Yay Snowmen
Today is DAY FOUR!!! OMGosh the days are just flying by at the moment! But my christmas shopping is all done and dusted...oh and wrapped up! YAAAY
So today's nail art design was......DumDumDum...Snowmen! So cute haha!

Here is my attempt. Mt little Ceelo* was asleep today as i did my nails so i just had to show you how cute he is when he sleeps! My little boy <3

But the other day he was naughty when i was doing my nails! He was stealing my cotton buds and running off and hiding them for later! Such a naughty boy haha! Love him though! :)

Naughty Little Boy


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nail Art Friendly Award

THANKYOU SO MUCH KAKI FOR PASSING THIS ALONG TO ME! Means alot because im very amateur at this stuff lol!

She has some great designs on her blog, so pop along and have a look :)

One of my other followers has another great blog! So im gonna pass this along to her! JESSICA.

Thanks for reading!

Day 3 - Icicles!

This is Day 3! ICICLES!! Wooooo. And wow Its cold here!

Done ALL my christmas shopping today! and wrapped them all so i have had such a productive day! :)

Happy Painting everyone!


Friday, 2 December 2011

Day 2 Snowflakes!!

Day 2 and its snowflakes!! This is my attempt here! I do love a bit of glitter :) looking forward to icicles tomorrow! It feels soooo cold outside today so i may not need to paint my nails as my fingers may be iciles!!! :P


New Buys!

 All of this cost me £1 each, which is $1.50 in the USA. The Sally Hansen Polishes are soooo hard to find here but i was so happy to find them! Even better is that they are sold in the Cheapest shop in town!

 These nail art polishes cost me £1.99 for the three!! which is really good! $3.13 for those in the USA! Love these! The purple comes out lovely on top of silver! Ill be using them soon! :D
 Now these cost me £1.50 each and that is $2.36 in the USA (according to google) again, I'm really happy with this purchase. Getting ready for the 24 Christmas Nails Challenge!! Woop Woop!
So this is everything i brought in one day... and only spent less than £10!!! ( $15) WOWZA! I love finding bargains!

Happy Shopping everyone!

Remember to keep warm...and also remember, The Only Way is Nails <3


Thursday, 1 December 2011


OMG, Third Blog in the space of one hour! You can tell I'm bored at work cant you!!
I just 'borrowed' this of a new blogger I'm following! WOW her designs are amazing...

A – Age: 20(but as I say, Twen-teeeeen!) i don't wanna grow up!

B – Bed size: Double

C – Chore you hate: Hmmmm, gotta be drying up the dishes! BLAH!

D – Dog’s name: I have a gorgeous little Kitten named Ceelo* <3

E– Essential start your day item: Bovril on Toast and a Brew :)

F – Favorite color: Pink!

G – Gold or Silver: Silver

H – Height: 5'5

I – Instruments you play: I used to play the recorder and Steel Pans but nothing right now...

J – Job title: Lecturer in Training!

K – Kid(s): None at the moment

L – Living arrangements: With my GORGEOUS boyfriend of 7years! and obvcourse, Ceelo*, my little baby :)

M – Mom’s name: Lesley

N – Nickname(s): Ally, Pud

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth:None :)

P – Pet Peeve: People biting they're nails!!!

Q – Quote from a movie: ''Maybe we could Rapidly evolve into Water Creatures *Thats genius Sid* Call me Squid!'' Ice Age 2! haha

R – Right or left handed: Right handed! I want to be both!! I will learn!

S – Siblings: 2 Brothers and 1 Sister, all younger.

T – Time you wake up: About 7.45 when Matty leaves for work and Ceelo* wants a cuddle :)

U- Underwear: Always has to be CLEAN and pretty :)

V – Vegetable you dislike: Sprouts Ewwww

W – Ways/Reasons you run late: Shopping, Make up, Hair, Nails, T.V, Ceelo* - wow a number of reasons

X – X-rays you’ve had: Teeth at the dentist. Npthing special...

Y – Yummy food you make: My boyfriend loves my Roast Dinners! :)

Z – Zoo favorite: Meerkats! and Baby Bears! Soooo cute

Thanks for reading, maybe you all could have a go at this, we could all get to know a few Craaazy facts about eachother!

Take Care Babiesss xox

Happy December!!!

My little man Ceelo* got to open his advent Calender this morning! :)
Morning everyone! Well its morning here in the UK!!

Firstly i would like to say HELLO to my new followers! *waves* Thankyou for following my blog! Means alot!

I woke up extra early before work today to do my '24 days of Christmas' Challenge set by 'PAINT THAT NAIL'

I was too excited haha!

Well this was my attempt of 'Snowfall' (Remember guys, I'm new to this! :))

Here you gooooo!

Oh and Pinch Punch First Of The Month!! :D


New Toys

Id just like to apologise because I'm a day late with this post. YESTERDAY (30.11.2011) i brought some new toys to experiment with and forgot to show you. So I'm gonna do it today!

Better Late Than NEVER!


Yummy Yummy!!!

<<< Oh and i also brought this, because its my favourite! Plus the best bit....IT HAS POPPING CANDY IN IT! woop woop!!! :)