Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 8 - Candy Canes!!

Evening ladies! Its Candy Time!! :D

*I want CANDY!*
Plus!, im actually posting this design on time so a pat on the back for meee! haha
Well here is my design created from both polish and acrylic paint! and oooooooo these candy canes were sooo yummy scrummy to eat afterwoods! mmmmmmm

Check out some other blogs that are doing the 24 day nail challenge! Theyre B-E-A-UTIFUL <3

paint that nail
base coat top coat
obsessed with glitter
red hair and black nail polish
rubys nails
polish, oh my
my polish stash
nails and stuff



  1. Love it! Great picture with the candy!! Yum.

  2. sorry I hadn't seen de nail, I was drooling when I saw the candy